Ashley Olsen’s Prom Dress Is On Ebay…Riiiight

Apparently someone who’s claiming their daughter went to school with Ashley Olsen is selling Olsen’s prom dress on Ebay. Sure. Check it out and try to tell us this isn’t fake as fuck.

Red Flags:

  • Ashley Olsen definitely didn’t go to her prom
  • The dress is a size 4, not -0
  • The Marc Jacobs dress is only selling for $110
  • “Gorgeous!” is in the header
  • There’s a restocking fee of 25%……
  • We’re not fucking idiots

There’s only 9 days left to purchase some fraudulent bullshit prom dress. I’m almost as disappointed as when I found out Mary Kate and Ashley wouldn’t be in the Full House reboot. Don’t worry though, because that’s nowhere near as disappointed as I was actually watching Fuller House


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