Ashley Benson Refuses to Go on a Date

Ashley Benson starred on the March cover of Health Magazine and totally opened up about her anxiety attacks, the pressure she feels to be skinny, and her secret girl crush on Jenna Dewan-Tatum. But the part of the interview that really stood out to us was when she spoke about her refusal to go on a date.

Ashley has always been our fav Pretty Little Liar out of all four, mainly because of her role in Spring Breakers and her legit social media following. She’s cool, she’s betchy, and she uses emojis instead of real words.

In the Health article, when asked if she’s currently seeing anyone, Ashley responded that dating is “so complicated” and “the worst.” Like, we can all agree that first dates tend to be awkward, but she actually isn’t kidding. Ashley then went on to say that she literally has never been on a date and will never go on one. She claims she would be willing to go on a group date or just casually hang out with a guy, but “not, like, an actual date” because she doesn’t know what she would talk about.

Ash, we admire your chill attitude about casual hangouts (or hook-ups,) but a group date? This isn’t the Bachelor, and I think if you dug deep enough you could find something to say on a date. I mean, you’re 26 years old and you’re selling your $3 million dollar home. Maybe you could just tell us when Pretty Little Liars is finally gonna end? There’s a talking point.  


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