Ariel Winter Is The New Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner barely waited to turn 18 before she changed everything about herself that she possibly could. She adds and takes away hair like it’s her job (because it kind of is, must be nice), filled her lips, and lord knows what she did to the rest of her body. Whatever it is, it’s definitely not just puberty. All I’m sure of is that she’s jailbait—just ask Tyga.

Well, the newest member of the child-stars-who-can’t-wait-to-show-off-their-boobs squad is Ariel Winter, or as you probably know her, Alex Dunphy. She’s been getting progressively racier on her Instagram, but it all just looks like outfits she saw Kylie wearing and decided to copy. #StopTryingSoHard


Hello UCLA, 4s up #graduation

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Ariel is newly single which, for a child star who just turned 18, isn’t exactly shocking. Did anyone really think her high school relationship was going to last forever? Anyway, she posted a picture of her in the bathtub. Granted, she was on the set of her new movie Dog Years, apparently the wine on the ledge was actually just cranberry juice, and her “lady bit” parts were covered with “pasties” but, are you fucking kidding me? Ariel Winter just went from pretty child star to fucking thirst trap in the time it takes to filter a picture in Afterlight.


Today’s office…relax everyone it’s cranberry juice and I’m wearing lady bit pasties. #DogYears #set #movie

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According to People, “While many recognize Ariel as the lovable and intelligent Alex Dunphy, she’s been changing up her looks to play an emotionally unstable young woman in Dog Years. Winter’s latest character has her outfitted with nose rings, tattoos and fiery red hair also sporting crop tops, booty shorts, piercings and bold makeup for the starring role opposite Burt Reynolds.”

Right…Well, what’s her excuse the rest of the time? Honestly I’m calling bullshit on the whole “it’s for a movie” excuse. It feels like she’s just trying to prove to her ex that he’s missing out. Clearly someone passed on the advice that less is more. That same person probably should’ve clarified that they meant actions, not clothes.


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