Ariana Grande Wannabe “Confused” Why Everyone Thinks She’s Ariana Grande

A semi-famous YouTube star that I’ve never heard of until today, JessChic, has recently gotten some media attention for getting mistaken as Ariana Grande at Disney World. This was probably due to the fact that she, hmmm idk, intentionally impersonated her and posed for pictures with fans looking like this:

JessChic Disney World

Then she had the audacity to pretend to be confused by the mix-up, and posted a video documenting the day titled “DISNEY WORLD THOUGHT I WAS ARIANA GRANDE?”

I. Can’t.

Nicki Minaj Bitch Please

If a homeless person got mistaken for Ariana Grande, that would be entertaining. What’s not at all amusing is a wannabe who dresses up exactly like her and then visits the place with the most excitable 9-year-olds per capita on Earth.

On top of this already being a ridiculous situation, JessChic posted an additional video in which she vehemently denies that she did this on purpose. She explained, “I’m not trying to be [Ariana Grande], I didn’t go to Disney to be her, it wasn’t a prank. It was just something that happened.”

Sure Jan

“Just something that happened”?! Give me a break. We’ve all seen this type of behavior before and it’s obscene. Is there anything worse than the girl who sits on a guy’s lap all night and then incessantly complains that he’s hitting on her? Or who “accidentally lost wayyyy too much weight” on a 30 day juice cleanse? It’s like you clearly asked for this and are incredibly pleased with yourself, so let’s just call a spade a spade. Because TBH if you wear a ponytail like that and you’re genuinely NOT trying to look like Ariana Grande, then we’ve got bigger problems.

girl bye


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