Ariana Grande Shut Down a Sexist Radio Interview REAL Quick

Last week, two DJs at Power 106 learned something that we’ve all known for a very long time: do not fuck with Ariana Grande.

During the radio interview (which, btw, who is listening to the radio? I want names…) the two DJs repeatedly made sexist comments toward our tiny Diva Queen and proceeded to ask her the stupidest question of all time aka: “What would you do if you had to choose between makeup or your phone?”

To which Ariana was like: 

You’d think, at that moment the DJs would have stopped, realized that they are in the presence of a literal queen, and asked her something real about her new album or what exactly is going on with her hair in this situation but no, they just kept going by getting in a weird fight with her over whether or not boys can also use the unicorn emoji (answer: they can).

Ariana was not having it. 

Now, I get that the modern world is probably hard for two dudes who work in RADIO to understand (again, seriously, tell me who is listening to the radio so that I can send them the wikipedia articles on Spotify and Podcasts respectively), but at this point, once again, you’d think they would have backed away.

But do douchey bros ever back away? Nope. Not on the dance floor. Not on Tinder. And certainly not on the radio.

Luckily, Ariana had the final word on the matter. 

And that, dear betches, is how you tell some dbag where the fuck he can go.

All hail Ariana! You can check out the entire shitstorm of an interview here: 


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