Ariana Grande Is Dating That White Rapper You Liked In High School

Ariana Grande and her pony tail are low-key Insta official with Mac Miller, aka that white rapper you liked in high school. Listening to Mac Miller reminds me of learning beer pong and a time in my life before I got hangovers. There have been rumors that Ariana and Mac are together ever since their shitty collab, “The Way,” which came out in 2013 btw. As if overplaying that song on the radio wasn’t enough, they made out at the end of the music video.


Anyway, the only reason you should give a shit is because they actually did something that’s kind of smart, a move we are calling How To Tease an Insta Relationship. Instead of Ariana posting a pic of them together and letting people explode in the comments section, they each posted a solo pic. But both pics are from the same location. So basically, you know they were in the same place at the same time but they’re not ~together~. Or are they?


yesterday in Ny part 2 ☁️ ♡

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Will this “are-they-or-aren’t-they” Insta trick become a trend or will it flop like the “Sam and Cat” TV show? 


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