Justin Bieber Insta Creeps Ariana Grande Despite Dating Hailey Baldwin

So we all though that Hailey Baldwin had whipped Justin into boyfriend material on their winter vacation – I mean she made him get fucking cornrows. But alas, you can’t really take the fuckboi out of a guy. Here’s the latest:


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Ariana Grande, who recovered from licking a donut by singing another shitty song in her weird baby voice, posted a Snapchat video of her on Instagram. A casual day. Then Justin commented “Damn Ariana u look so good.” Because when you’re being a creep on Insta, you really don’t have the time to spell out “you.” I’m going to guess it was around this point in the evening that he finally sent a “sorry just saw your message” text to Hailey.


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Well then Ariana’s new boyf Ricky Alvarez (who?) responded “Keep looking player…I already told you she does.” Honestly, I haven’t heard the word “player” used since 2007, so I’m just a little bit rattled. The whole thing is just classic Justin “we’re just friends” bullshit. I can just hear him saying that you can platonically call someone hot.



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I get it Hailey, he’s hot, rich, and successful af, which would normally be enough, but keeping up with this shit is exhausting.



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