Watch Ariana Grande Perfectly Impersonate Jennifer Lawrence On SNL

Former Betch of the Year Jennifer Lawrence is experiencing what all women in Hollywood experience at some point (sad face); people are getting sick of her. She’s everywhere and it’s getting a tad ridiculous how “relatable” she is. We get it. You like food and Netflix. Leave it to Saturday Night Live to use another woman in Hollywood to help point out how annoying J-Law is. Ariana Grande hosted last weekend’s episode and proved not only that she actually can sing (Girl belted out Whitney Houston on a key only DJ Khaled could appreciate) but also, that her comedy chops aren’t half bad. I mean, she didn’t write any of it obviously, but she does have a steady hand of impersonations up her sleeve.

During the sketch, set on the Family Feud stage, Steve Harvey was hosting Celebrity Family Feud where Ariana’s Jennifer introduces herself by saying “They told me not to do a game show but I was like screw it I can have fun I’m a regular person.” Kenan Thompson’s Steve replies with “You know you say you’re a regular person more than any regular person I know.” Her constant need for approval screams #157 WGG.

Watch the video below (done preferably with a stack of Pringles);


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