Ariana Grande is Blonde Now?

Call her what you want. Robot. Ex patriot. Donut licker. Little person. But you have to admit, Ariana Grande has good hair. In fact, Ariana Grande’s hair might be her only saving grace during the shit storm of bad media attention she’s been receiving as of late. Basically what I’m trying to say is that Grande has like, three things going for her right now: her fast metabolism, her voice, and her hair. That is until this unfortunate/unclear photo surfaced the web via her gram, and things became a bit more dire.

Is it a wig? Is it photoshop? It’s hard to tell WTF’s happening in this candid, totally unplanned black and white snap. But then, this happened:

So yeah, apparently Ariana Grande is blonde now. Whatever, at least her eyes are open, and there’s no pastry store clerks for her to harass. I guess that’s a win. 


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