Rate of Betches Asking Rando Cars Are You Uber? On The Rise

Ever since our fav ride finding app arrived on the scene, betches have been stepping up to strangers in the street with one question: “Are you Uber?” Because what is an ethnic man living his life if not your ride.

Unlike Lyft, there are no unsightly fuzzy mustaches on your Uber, so sometimes you just don’t know if the guy lurking on the corner is there to serve you or stare at you and its necessary to inquire manually. Yes, the app says your driver is in a Ford focus but who knows what a Ford focus is? I’m not an expert on affordable cars.

While Uber has been in the news recently for some questionable things: getting sued, drivers getting arrested, inciting international riots, etc etc. it’s still your best bet for getting home after a night out. And even though Ubes can be creepy, nine times out of ten, it’s not. So that’s comforting.

We hope by now their drivers are used to drunk girls sticking their heads in the window asking if they’re “oobar,” because it’s going to keep happening. So to all the Uber drivers who kindly answer “yes” or more concerningly, “baby, I can be,” thank you. I guess.


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