Get Pumped: Are You The One Is Coming Back In June

Ah yes, our favorite guilty pleasure to rip to shreds on weekly recaps is back: Are You The One on MTV is releasing a fourth season on Monday, June 13th at 10pm ET. Basically, are you ready to drink a shit ton of wine and watch a fresh new group of brain-dead moderately hot people find love? FUCK YEAH YOU ARE.

But in true shit reality show fashion, this season they have a twist. The first episode, these idiots will meet for a day and then decide if they believe in “love at first sight” (currently rolling eyes). If they do, they can pick a partner and go on a date, and if that date is their actual match—which like, come on what are the odds of that, then the whole group gets $250,000 added onto the grand prize. So like, no pressure, but if you fuck this up, someone might stab you in your sleep.

The blackout rule stands—if they fuck up and get zero matches, they lose $250,000 off their prize. Sounds crazy, but you’d be surprised how many times that happened last season—read recaps about that shit, here.

So yeah, this is basically a PSA that your Monday nights just got a lot trashier and your Tuesday mornings just got a lot better. Get ready for the recaps, betches.



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