Watch This Exclusive Clip from “Are You The One?” Just Fucking Do It

Here at Betches, we’re the coolest people you’ve never met and have scored a sneak peek to this week’s episode of MTV’s “Are You The One?” We’ll share it with you because we are like, such a good friend.

You’ll see from the clip below that Kiki (GET A REAL NAME GODDAMMIT) has made herself useful and won the challenge of the week. She’s stuck between the tough choice of choosing the one guy who basically made her look like a moron on national television, or 9 other respectable guys. Hmmmm. Decisions, decisions.

Of course, any idiot named Kiki is going to pick the open douchebag. That’s just such a Kiki thing to do, right? So let’s just all agree to take a shot every time someone says “following their heart” or some other Nicolas Sparks bullshit. This week’s binge drinking brought to you in part by MTV.



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