Are You The One Exclusive Clip: Cheyenne SLAYS These Douchebags

This week on Are You The One, Cheyenne, the loveable one who doesn’t know jack shit about marine life (read last week’s recap, duh) drops a fucking truth bomb at the match ceremony this week and it’s LEGIT.

Ry. Dev, our little gremlin of a host, asks Chey how she feels about the shit that went down this week (which we still don’t know about yet, the anticipation is killing me) and she’s like, WELL SHIT WHERE DO I START?

We can assume that some drama went down this week with Nelson Waynes and no amount of singing “1000 Miles” by Vanessa Carlton is going to make this shit go away. Apparently he got into a fight with someone? *prays it wasn’t bae/Zak.*

How I imagine Nelson getting into a fight: *dressed as a white female* oh helllllll no. Hold my poodle! Hold my poodle!

Anyway, Chey basically says that all of these guys are disrespectful and treat girls like shit, which doesn’t really surprise me because this is an MTV show…. I mean we know how dudes/relationships are on this network. Ronnyyyyyy, staphhhhhh.

Chey-Chey (can I call you Chey-Chey?) all you missed was a mic drop.



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