Are Nipple Piercings Betchy?

Even though Kendall beat Kylie to the punch (or um, needle?), Kylie finally got a nipple piercing to complete her pornstar aesthetic. I mean, the Kardashian/Jenners have never been not trashy, but because of Kendall’s actual fashion street cred, they’ve somehow become trendsetters for the teen generation in a way that JLo and Britney did for us.

Anyways, I guess nipple piercings are like, cool now. They’ve always been around but in the way that tongue rings and neck tattoos have been around: nobody really takes you seriously if you have one. But now that both the younger sisters of the Kardashian clan have them, nipple piercings are basically the new belly button ring. Like, remember when Alicia Silverstone made the world think bellybutton rings were cool and not trashy? That’s what’s happening now with nipple piercings, thanks to the Jenners.


I mean, plenty of celebrities have nipple piercings, but they also have jobs being famous so being taken seriously wasn’t ever an issue. But it’s not just for Rihanna and Janet anymore. I mean, at least nipple piercings can make sex better, which you can’t say about belly button rings. Maybe we trained our little sisters well if they’re following trends that actually make sex better. Semi-practical and that makes us proud.

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Betchy celebs that have their nipples pierced include Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Bella Hadid, Nicole Richie, and obvs Kylie and Kendall Jenner. It’s so popular that getting your nips bejeweled is like, a sisterhood event now. It works for betches because you wouldn’t expect it from a skinny betch who has her shit together, and if your boobs are small it gives people something else to look at.

Also, Queen and champion of anti slut-shaming Amber Rose has hers pierced, so consider that your betchy greenlight to going under the gun needle. And if you don’t feel like letting anyone know about it, just wear a padded bra. It’s like wearing lingerie—even if nobody’s going to see it, you still feel hotter just knowing it’s there.

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