ATTENTION DELUSIONAL DATERS: There’s An App That Lets You Pretend To Have A Boyfriend

There's a new app that will let you pretend you have a boyfriend. It's called “Invisible Boyfriend” and basically you pay the app $25 and some rando will text you and leave you voicemails pretending that you're in an actual relationship. The guy who invented it says people can use it for entertainment (it's like another way of fucking with people on Tinder), to practice flirting (that's what 7th grade was for), or as a beard for gay people who haven't come out yet, which still makes no sense because three texts isn't going to convince a born again Christian that you're straight.

So if that gap toothed bitch nice girl starts advertising her new boo, call her out because it's probs just her “Invisible Boyfriend.”


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