App of the Week: Find Cheap Nail Polish that Looks Fancy

In a trend that started years ago, startups focused on making betches with non-Rob-Kardashian-sized bank accounts fake it till they make it are bigger than ever now. What started with Ru La La and Gilt, where startups would help you find designer goods on sale, companies are now straight up helping you find fakes.

SuperDuper (I just can’t, at least pretend that you are not marketing solely to suburban 13-year-olds and 25-year-olds that still shop at Forever 21) is an app that tells you what drugstore nail polishes look the same as Chanel or Louboutin. I agree that yes many beauty products are very similar excluding branding and “as long as it looks the same who’s going to know?” But as many a betch knows well, the quality is just not there when it comes to knock offs. That Prada you bought from some guy on the street for a twenty is not going to fool your friends who summer on Nantucket.

And besides when you buy a knock off of Louboutin Polish you don’t get that giant spike of a bottle.


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