App of the Week: Dufl Will Pack Your Bags For Your Vaca

Betches love traveling. We would go to a new place every week if we could. But with planning the trip, finishing all your work for school, and then packing, getting ready is an easy way to kill hours of your life pre-trip. Luckily, an app launched today that takes care of one part of this hassle—the packing.

When you start using Dufl, you get a Dufl-brand suitcase in the mail, you throw everything in there, they pick it up and they clean and fold up your clothes perfectly. While they are doing this they take Pinterest-quality pics of all your clothes. It sounds like they hold onto these clothes until you actually go on your trip, a little sketch, but if it saves you the struggle of fitting everything into the suitcase and having them not look like a wrinkled shit show when you land I can deal. And when it is actually time for your trip they will ship your suitcase, filled with the clothes you picked out to bring on the app (from the Pinterest-quality pics), and deliver it right to your hotel. And when its time to come home again they will pick up your suitcase from your hotel, clean your clothes and get your clothes ready for your next destination.

This app really works best for betches who A) have their shit together enough to know what they want to bring on a trip days in advance and B) who go on a lot of trips to make the service worth it. If those apply to you great, anything that gets you from the airport to a beach chair, frozen drink in hand is fine by my book.

Suggestion: this app sounds like it is perfect for a summer-long “finding myself trip” to Europe. So feel free to use this as a selling point to the parents, your clothes will be well taken cared of, automatically cleaned and transported between Barcelona, Ibiza, St. Tropez and wherever else you can find a discoteque filled with bronzed Mediterranean pros.


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