Anne Hathaway Just Ruined Beyoncé For The Rest Of Us

In any friend group, there’s always that one person who just sort of sucks. She seemed really nice and cute at first, but then you slowly came to realize that she’s just a psycho who tries way too hard for attention.

In the famous people friend group, Anne Hathaway is this friend, and she just proved why.

In the past week, people have barely talked about anything but Beyoncé’s new album. There have been columns, think pieces, uncomfortably emotional Facebook statuses, and stupid Snapchat stories, but Lil’ Ol’ Annie Hathaway was determined to deliver the most cringey Queen Bey tribute of them all.

On Thursday, perpetual try-hard Anne posted an Instagram video in which she has the letter “B” written on her hand in marker, and she does some fugly interpretive dancing while Halo plays in the background. She’s wearing huge sunglasses the whole time, and the camera is way too close up on her face. The caption is basically the icing on the cake: “Respect beyond respect. @Beyonce just changed so many games. Queen just became an Empress. Chills all over. #LEMONADE.” This is followed by approximately 20 alternating lemon and yellow heart emojis, in case you didn’t get the point.


Respect beyond respect. @Beyonce just changed so many games. Queen just became an Empress. Chills all over. #LEMONADE

A video posted by Anne Hathaway (@annehathaway) on

It’s great that Anne is a member of the BeyHive, but if we were going to film a Lemonade tribute (don’t worry, we’re not that basic), we would have probably chosen a fucking song from Lemonade. In case you don’t remember, Halo was released way back in 2009, when Blue Ivy was just a twinkle in Jay Z’s eye, and no one gave a shit about Becky With The Good Hair. Ah, simpler times. Now that we think about it, 2009 was also the year that Anne completely lost her chill/appeal by starring in Bride Wars. Maybe 2009 wasn’t so great after all.

If you were lazy and didn’t read this whole thing, here’s the moral: Anne Hathaway fucking sucks.


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