Anne Hathaway Reveals Baby Bump on Instagram in A Way That Could Be Considered Cute to Some People

Anne Hathaway, the annoying girl from your high school theater program who is actually extremely famous now, shared her first ever pregnant-in-a-bikini insta this week, but hers is for a totally feminist reason and not for hotness reasons like other famous pregnant celebs. You see, Anne (also known as ‘The Person with the Highest Annoyingness-to-Talent Ratio of Anyone in Recorded History) only shared her baby bump because if she hadn’t then someone else totally would have because everyone in the world wants to see her giant baby-full belly (we legit do tho).

The way Anne tells it, she was just lounging, belly out, as any pregnant celeb would do, when the paparazzi came out of nowhere and started snapping pics (ugh hate when that happens.) Now, this kind of shit has happened to Anne in the past. In fact, it seems like every time Anne Hathaway goes to the beach some weird set of pics pop up of her in a nice-girl-bikini getting her toes sucked on by some dude. Don’t believe me? What the hell is this, then? 

So anyway, given the Great Toe Sucking Incident of 2014, our girl Anne is going into 2016 older, wiser, and with her feet planted firmly in the sand. Instead of letting the paparazzi air her pregnant-on-the-beach photos themselves, Anne posted her baby bump herself with the following caption:

So, well played, Anne. You are still annoying, but this time it was in a kind of cute way. Kind of.


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