Anne Hathaway Divas Out And Sends Her Breakfast Back 4 Times

Anne Hathaway was a real bitch recently on the set of a Japanese commercial that Paramount is filming. Anne, who has reportedly been super-nasty prior to this fiasco, deemed the breakfast she was served was shit, and sent it back to the kitchen four times.

Now, I have to side with Anne on this one. She ordered a simple meal, nothing crazy. One poached egg, an english muffin, and some avocado. Pretty hard to fuck-up, right?

Not for the dumbass serving her breakfast. They served her – Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi – Prin-CESS and sole heir to the throne of Genovia – a runny-ass poached egg.

Understandably so, she returned the runny poached egg and demanded another. Moments later, a fresh and perfectly poached egg was brought to Miss Thang, only to be served beside a cold english muffin. I’m guessing Anne only had to roll her eyes to get the server to take this fucked up breakfast back. I don’t care how perfect that poached egg was. Who wants a cold, crusty biscuit?

By the third attempt at breakfast, I’m sure she was pissed. The once perfectly poached egg from round two was still on the plate (EW!) and now cold, making the english muffin inedible. Where the avocado was during all this drama is beside me, but I’m willing to guess it was brown at this point.

The fourth attempt at breakfast was a success on all accounts (egg, muffin, avocado were served up to perfection), but by that point Miss Hathaway decided she wanted a fried egg after all. TG she finally figured out what she wanted for breakfast, because I’m sure her blood sugar was dangerously low at this point and the Hangry Bitch Fest of 2015 was about to begin.


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