Anna Wintour Fucking Hates Hoodies, Says She’s Never Worn One In Her Life

Anna Wintour, also known as literally the only person that looks good with bangs and a bob, has never worn a hoodie because fucking duh, she’s Anna goddamn Wintour. According to fashion maven Eva Chen and her recent insta post, here’s how the world shockingly (read: not at all shockingly) arrived at this “news.”

Apparently Chen gave the Vogue icon a fugly ‘Instagram’ hoodie (dumb) and like, there’s no way she expected her to wear it. Really, Chen? You’re going to give the woman single handedly responsible for ruling the world fashion industry a plain, grey logo zip up? Try again.

Wintour immediately faked a smile, but you just know through those sunglasses, she was giving Chen a mad death stare/signaling her PR person to get her the fuck out of there. 

Upon receiving the heinous zip up, Wintour was all like, “LOL I’ve never worn a hoodie before!” and then “neatly folded it up,” which I think is code for burned it, shot it with a diamond encrusted pistol, and laughed while it burst into flames. 


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