Amy Schumer Tipped Her Bartender $1000—What, Like It’s Hard?

This weekend, while you were all debating whether or not to order another five-dollar pitcher of beer, Amy Schumer proved to us all how generous (and rich) of a betch she really is.

Amy Schumer is obviously one of the most down-to-earth celebs. Aside from being able to black out six days a week while leading an insanely successful career, Amy is like, actually a good person.

After seeing Hamilton with bf Ben Hanisch, the two grabbed some drinks with friends. When their bill came out to like, 77 dollars, Amy tipped the bartender a thousand bucks. Yup. Must be nice.

The super appreciative bartender, Madeleine DeJohn, thanked her a million times, and even mentioned that Amy came to the same bar few months back and put 80 dollars in the tip jar.

So all hail the queen betch that is Amy Schumer. When she’s not too busy pregaming for award shows and getting men to laugh at feminist jokes, she’s generously tipping the woman who brings her a vodka soda after one too many chorus reprises. 


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