Betchy Hero Amy Schumer’s SNL Monologue Was Perfect

Yes, Amy Schumer killed it during her recent SNL monologue, but like honestly, are you shocked?

She started the night off by a) looking really hot and b) being super feminist, because fucking duh, girl power. She then explained a cute anecdote about how mad she was when the little girl who played her in Trainwreck passively aggressively told her she had fat cheeks, and like yeah, I would be upset too because that’s really offensive.

Best quote of the monologue was in reference to young woman and who they have as role models in this dire year of 2015: “All they have literally is the Kardashians. Is that a great message for little girls? A whole family who takes the faces they were born with as a light suggestion?” Somewhere, probably in Calabasas, a few plastic surgeons have just died on the inside. God bless.

She then explained that you know, at least Khloe used to be relatable before she lost half of her body weight, and that if someone tells you you’re the Miranda of your friend group, you’re allowed to get irascible. And I slow clapped for like 4 minutes straight, even though slow clapping is so annoying.



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