Amy Schumer Would Like To Be Excluded From The Kurt Metzger Narrative

Former Betch of the Week Amy Schumer fucked up last week, which is unfortunate because we were rooting for her, we all were. Recap of what happened in case you didn’t see the New York Times article: A male comedian was accused of being a rapist by multiple women in the New York comedy community, which wasn’t news because everyone knows male comedians are mostly all SABs. They’re like musicians, but their instrument is their narcissism. 

Flash forward to the social media spiral immediately following said accusations. Mens rights activists everywhere (also known as 90% of Reddit) started demanding proof from the victims. Of these internet commenters was one of Amy Schumer’s writers, Kurt Metzger.

Since this happened, people have been tweeting at Amy Schumer to answer for her friend and also to fire him from her show.

Instead of calling out Kurt when various women tweeted at Amy to comment on his actions, she blocked them on Twitter. Blocking someone on Twitter for disagreeing with you is like being mad at your drink for being empty because you drank it.

Much like Taylor after #SnapchatGate, Amy appears to be over. After a lot of pressure and articles asking Amy to support women, she finally tweeted this: 

But then, she added this:

And people assumed Kurt was fired. So she corrected them with this:

Ugh, we get it. You’re not sorry and you don’t want to be involved with any of this. But like, instead of pulling a Taylor and pretending she’s cool with everything until she changes her mind, Amy should just be upfront to begin with.  Because she goes from saying Kurt doesn’t work for her to there isn’t a show to this:

Lol, oh okay. So it’s like if you suspected your friend was sleeping with your ex and you asked her “are you sleeping with Jason?” and her response was “I am not sleeping with Jason. Not right now. Not at this current second.” Um, bitch? You know what the question was, don’t try to pull shit. We’re disappointed with Amy not because it’s her duty to take a stance against Kurt (but like, it sort of is when a big part of your comedy is taking down sexism and yet a sexist SAB writes for your show), but also because she’s being manipulative because she doesn’t want to look bad. At least Rihanna is brave enough to say she’s not a role model.

Anyways, we toast a large glass of white wine to Amy Schumer tonight because she is officially over. Don’t worry, Martha Stewart came back from jail, so hey, you never know.

Amy Schumer Drinking


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