Amy Schumer Hits It Off With Ashley Madison Founder In Take Down Interview

Amy Schumer has been doing some very important stuff on TV and the internet, but we caught Inside Amy Schumer this week and were a little let down with her take down of Ashley Madison founder Noel Biderman.
She interviews the founder of the website that encourages men married people to cheat “with discretion” and we were expecting more scathing realness, but were surprised by an almost flirtatious interview instead.

In an attempt to lure him into the safety net of the show, she starts off laughing at his jokes and fanning him up a bit, which works wonders.  He admits that “We’ll help you meet someone and not get caught.”  But instead of walking him into a trap, she falls into his. 

He says to her, “Like I never sat down with my wife and said “What is acceptable? Can I massage Amy’s foot right now? Is that acceptable?” then proceeds to massage her feet, and um, it’s uncomfortable to watch.  Maybe the whole “charm him til he feels safe” thing worked too well because for the most part it just felt like they were legit having a conversation about how great his website is.

At one point, she looks him in the eyes and asks him in so many words whether men cheat because women get fat, and whether he thinks that’s okay. Given Amy’s known self-image of herself being focused around her own weight, this was a moment where we thought here it comes thinking she had a packed punch somewhere to take him down. But instead, he answers in a gross but almost logical way – he dodges the “fat” question by equating “putting on pounds” to a women getting pregnant.

First of all, men who cheat on their pregnant wives are despicable. But second of all, we’re sure that’s not what she really meant by “getting fat”, and the fact that she didn’t call his shit out sorely disappointed.  The interview was an anti-climactic effort to douchebag shame a sleaze but instead gave him a chance to come off less sleazy than we expected.



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