Amy Schumer And Jennifer Lawrence Are New BFFs

We have some really fucking great news. No, health insurance hasn’t started covering cosmetic Botox as a medical necessity, but Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are new besties.

Fueling our friendship-envy, Amy tweeted some pics from their vacay together, where she and JLaw tandem jet-skied. Need I say more?

Obv this is a totally monumental Hollywood relationship, and each blonde def ups the other’s street cred. Exhibit A: Yeah, everyone thinks Amy Schumer is fucking hilarious, but like did she have a posse that could rival T-Swift’s? Uh, no. Now that she and Jennifer Lawrence are BFF, do we think she’ll make a spoof of “Bad Blood”? Fucking, duh. Also, now she can say that by the transitive property she’s hooked up with Bradley Cooper. (Thank god I listened in geometry that one time.) Talk about benefits.


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