A Frat Party Was So Insane Even The Air Was Wasted

A frat at American University threw the most insane party, but pump the brakes on your FOMO. Like any frat house, it was legit 100 degrees inside and people were hiding in closets from the cops—unsuccessfully, I might add. Allegedly the police only found 3 kegs, so I want to know what these people pregamed with.

The unreal part about this party is that the air had an alcohol content of 0.09. For reference, the legal limit for driving while intoxicated is 0.08. So if the air in that frat party had driven its Rav4 home to hook up with a freshman, it could have gotten a DUI. I need to see a MythBusters episode on how the hell that’s even possible.

This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “turn up or transfer.” 


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