Everyone Needs To Stop Freaking Out About “American Hogwarts”

First of all, I have to mention how much I love the fact that everyone is acting like J.K. Rowling’s “American Hogwarts” is a real place. For example, Buzzfeed’s headline, “Holy Shit J.K. Rowling Just Released So Much Info On The American Wizarding School”—ugh. Literally sounds like Harvard opened up a new branch or something. This is a fictional school for a book that hasn’t even come out yet.

However, I totally agree that the American wizardry school would be in Massachusetts. Think about it, the Salem Witch Trials were where? Oh yeah Salem, MASSACHUSETTS, which also happens to be the city where I was born. Thank you, J.K., for giving my hometown another reputation aside from “that place where a bunch of not-witches were drowned and shit.”

Oh and btw, the names of the new houses are HILARIOUS. I mean “Pukwudgie”? J.K. Rowling is seriously trolling all you Harry Potter nerds hard. 

Hogwarts is still not a real place, and you are never getting that letter. But I’m sure the Massachussets tourism bureau is really pleased right about now.


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