American Apparel Is Bankrupt

American Apparel, the store responsible for your metallic leggings, declared bankruptcy yesterday – so be thankful that you bought that neon green body suit in sophomore year. Basic bitches shop at Forever 21, indie betches shop at American Apparel – even though they’re both wearing crop tops and bandage skirts. If you didn’t own at least one of their spandex, skater dresses then you probably didn’t kiss a boy until you got to college. Sorry, no offense, but it’s true.

American Apparel’s vibe was that their clothes were made in America, skirts shouldn’t cover your ass, and their former CEO was a huge creep. Seriously, he sexually harassed pretty much every one of their models. Last summer they started closing stores and firing a bunch of workers aka the people who told you those leg warmers would look great with a tube top. 

Much like our favorite 5th grade hangout dELiA*s, American Apparel owes a shit ton of money in debt and has like no customers (high school biddies are all about Nasty Gal now). It’s kind of confusing, because based on American Apparel’s business model, this means that sex doesn’t sell anymore. I blame Lena Dunham. The real issue with this bankruptcy: What will you wear with your recruitment tank to surprise your Little this year? 


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