Amber Rose Is Team Kimye, Because It Would Be Social Suicide Not To Be

Say what you will about Amber Rose, but she is having a phenomenal 2016—not many people can say that. Besides getting her own TV show and organizing her Slut Walk campaign, she’s emerged as the ultimate victor of her breakup with Kanye West. Sure Kanye is richer, more famous, and has a better career, but Amber still owns him.

Amber announced on her show that she’s Team KimYe in the “Famous” lyrics battle of 2016. Amber discussed the fallout from the Hennessey-fueled debacle that was the 2009 VMAs (when she was Ye’s giflfriend). Apparently Taylor’s family low-key threatened Kanye’s unborn daughter with a similar embarrassment.  “I remember Taylor’s mother and father coming up to us and saying, ‘One day, Kanye, you’ll have a daughter and somebody is going to do that to you,'” she said. Yikes. What is it with Taylor Swift’s squad and threatening Kanye’s children?

P.S. The mental image of Austin Swift thinking that he’s relevant enough to humiliate North West is absolutely hilarious. Plus, Lady Gaga canceling her tour with Kanye as a response to his comments doesn’t really seem like a huge punishment in 2016.

But Amber believes that Kanye would never risk a second social suicide by not checking the lyrics with Taylor. She even thinks that he would have told her that he called her a bitch, which Taylor contends he didn’t do. So basically, he dumped her for Kim, insulted her son on Twitter, and she is still defending him. That’s the best thing an ex has done since Chuck made sure Blair won Prom Queen. 



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