Amber Rose Is Coming To A TV Near You

Amber Rose will be gracing television screens everywhere; she’s getting her own TV show on (where else?) VH1. I’m glad somebody is finally giving a little respect to the woman who single handedly destroyed Kanye West on Twitter and the soon-to-be Maid of Honor at the wedding of the century between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian.

Amber is getting her own talk show, where she’ll host celebrities to talk shit. VH1, the network who brought us Flavor of Love, specializes in promoting C-list celebrities (see: Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew), so it’s a natural fit. After the success of Amber’s Funny or Die sketch and her Slut Walks, she’s ready to become a household name of millennial feminism. I’m not at all surprised this woman is getting her own show. She went from a stripper to rapper’s girlfriend to Wiz Kalifa’s baby’s mom to author to entrepreneur. This is the 21st Century American Dream.

The best thing about this is that Dr. Phil is producing the show. Yeah Dr. “We Teach People How To Treat Us” Phil, the man who has taught millions of middle-aged suburban moms that they have more to offer than a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich has decided Amber Rose is the talk show host America needs. Apparently Dr. Phil has more strengths than just perfectly understanding complex daddy issues.

Will I watch a full episode of this show? No. Will I watch clips of it on YouTube and use Amber’s quotes as Instagram captions? Fuck yes. 


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