Amazon Is Making Drones To Deliver Your Packages Immediately

Every betch knows the real American Horror Story: waiting for something you bought online to be delivered. If we’ve learned anything from college pregnancy scares, a watched period or package feels like it’s never going to come. Well we’re about to enter the future, where Amazon delivers you shit via drone.

I guess I should start thanking the kids in Robotics Club that I was mean to.

Basically, Amazon would attach your Nasty Gal dress to a drone that “rises just under 400 feet in the air before jetting off at an average speed of 55 mph,” which is about how fast your sister drives on the highway after you say you have to pee.

While we wait for the US government to stop boring us with tales of its incompetence and drone regulations, at least we know the technology is ready to deliver earrings for formal at 7pm and Gatorade in bulk on a Sunday morning.


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