We Need To Talk About Amanda Seyfried’s Engagement Ring

As dutiful betches, we all dream of how our proposal will go: romantic setting, expensive dinner, maybe some flowers, and a fucking gigantic engagement ring. Traditions and styles may change, but there will never be anything better than a fat-ass rock on your ring finger. With this in mind, Amanda Seyfried, we have some shit to talk about.

Amanda and her boyfriend Thomas Sadoski, who is apparently an actor, got engaged recently, and Amanda was seen out and about this week rocking a very disappointing engagement ring. Thomas must be a struggling actor, because it’s basically just a gold band, and if there’s a diamond it’s too small to tell from the paparazzi pics. We’re all for people making their individual choices and shit like that, but come on Amanda. YOU’RE RICH. That ring might make basic-ass Amanda happy, but we know for a fact that Karen from Mean Girls is currently rolling in her movie grave. Not everyone needs a Mariah Carey-size ring, but no fucking diamond?? 

At this point, Amanda Seyfried is basically the poster child for nicegirls everywhere, who aspire to meet a nice ugly boy that will just make them happy and listen to them talk about cats for the next 75 years until they die. Right now she’s probably hanging out with Taylor Swift in her childhood bedroom writing in their diaries. Ew.


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