Amanda Bynes Wants To Go To USC

Amanda Bynes reappeared on Twitter last night to announce she wants to transfer to the University of Southern California. SoCal betches everywhere had 2 reactions – 1. Like she could get in (k sit the fuck down) 2. Can't wait to party with her (better start a raging cocaine, adderall, and vodka habit to keep up with Mandy). Something tells me she won't be pledging a sorority anytime soon.

It seems like the natural fit for Amanda – tanning between classes is kind of like taking rehab as your 5th class. Plus it's a school who's mascot is the Trojan. Quick Q, was the mascot named after the condom brand or was the condom brand named after the mascot (classic chicken or the egg question). Can't wait to see her at a tailgate or going to class, but probs in the chemistry lab applying makeup.


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