Amanda Bynes Spotted Doing Her Makeup in Disneyland

Upon first glance this picture seems pretty normal, it's just a girl trying to get a thrill on a ride at Disneyland on a Tuesday afternoon. But then you realize it’s Amanda Bynes. And she’s doing her makeup. While wearing a Mickey Mouse winter hat. I'm happy to say that Mandy’s back, back again.

We haven’t seen much of her since she’s gotten out of rehab, but we’ve learned that she’s signing up for classes at FIDM in Orange County to finally pursue her dream of being a fashion designer / gangster rapper. But I am so happy this is one of her first out of rehab paparazzi shots. It’s so innocent yet so Mandy. You know, I’ve been looking for a winter hat and I think I’ve found one.

If you want to do some reminiscing, read our (hopefully ongoing) Mandy Watch series of 2013.



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