Amanda Bynes Tweets a Nip Slip

Two Amanda Bynes posts in one day, how did we become so lucky!? Mandz just tweeted three very risqué pics in the bathroom at Denny's  her bathroom and in one of them she shows some nipple. It's just like, there has to be a deeper meaning to these shameless pics. Amanda, are you going insane FOR REAL or is this just a publicity stunt? And what's with the tights and the stripper thong? Omg maybe she moonlights as a stripper and these are her getting ready shots. I mean, we all know she has a propensity to live in an imaginary land (aka the Amanda Bynes Show) so it's possible she thinks she's living the real life version of Pretty Woman and Drake is her Richard Gere. Only time and an inevitable sex tape will tell.  The only thought going through my mind right now is: Go Mandy go Mandy go. 

It only counts if you see nipple…

PS she tweeted the last one twice, so no mistake was made. One can only hope the morning brings a crotch shot.


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