Amanda Bynes May In Fact Be Engaged

After getting a DUI last week, Amanda told InTouch that she's engaged to a 19 year old named Caleb who works in a bait shop. She also claims she prefers walking or biking to driving because she doesn't like the way she looks in a car and that she wants to have kids right away but she prefers boys because girls are too much competition.

Honestly, props to Amanda because it's honestly impressive that she seems to be fucking with the mainstream media who are reporting whatever she says as if it's gospel, as seen in the video below. Seriously, no other celebrity could get away with this shit so good for Amanda for breaking ground. Whether it's due to a mental illness or a proclivity towards creating some sort of celebrity tabloid parody. Amanda haters have to remember that they're just jealous that no one gives a shit when they're eating at a restaurant alone in LAX and Mandy's biggest crime is paying some kids to do her homework like a true betch. Is it a crime to try and get out of doing work? #TEAMMANDY




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