Amanda Bynes Is Back On Twitter

Amanda Bynes is back on Twitter. She tweeted her first selfie since the New Year, and we’re hopeful this isn’t the last. Amanda took a 6-month hiatus from Twitter last year and returned just in time for the holidays. Her November tweets dealt mainly with how she isn’t “legally obligated to live with her parents” and that they have no control over the money. She also shared with her 3.2 million followers that she “was diagnosed bi-polar and manic depressive”, but she is “fine :D”. In December, she let us know that she “is Britney Spears” and that she is planning on transferring from her design school to USC because the campus is “sick.”



The selfie posted yesterday is reminiscent of Amanda circa 2005: fresh-faced and clear-eyed (even though only like 40% of her face is showing). It’s nothing like her most recent pictures: dyeing her hair violet, a Lady Gaga-esque full-body shot taken in a poorly-lit dressing room, and a cryptic “Merry Christmas” selfie that is probably the scariest fucking thing we’ve ever seen. Could this be a sign that Amanda is getting back to her roots (apparently she’s brunette again) and getting back to how she was? Hell no. She’s obvi still bat shit. Posting a selfie does not cover up all the crazy she has put out there, but maybe it’s a start. After all…new year, new you. Or in her case: new year, new meds.



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