Amanda Bynes Introduces Her 35 Pound Weight Loss Plan: Amanda Watch

You may not want it but we're like really happy to bring you updates of Amanda Bynes' life. It's so much fun to follow this girl. It used to be entertaining to follow LindzLo but now she's all lame, going out to bars sober, and checking into rehab like tomorrow. We try to stick to the crazies.

So Mandz tweeted some pics of herself shirtless and then complimented them with a caption proclaiming that she's 135 pounds at now but would like to be 100 despite the fact that she's 5'8″ and that's like 20 poundes below eating disorder status. Is this gross and/or shocking? Not at all. Everyone strives to be African Child thin. The only nasty thing about this pic caption combo is her streaks of dirty spray tan. Like if you're gonna tweet some pics of yourself attempting to look sexy take the piercings from out of your cheeks and take a shower. Sorry Mandy, but it's true.

On another note, there's about a 40% chance she's fucking with everyone.


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