Amanda Bynes Is Back in Fashion School

Amanda Bynes – the Addy abusing, BSCB – is studying for midterms like she’s poor and it matters. Apparently, our favorite blonde-wig wearing, bong-throwing, ex-child star is back at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

She’s been in a psych ward for longer than we waited for Justin Beiber to drop “What Do You Mean,” but she got released in time for fall semester…because nothing says mental health like sitting under shitty halogen lights and scrolling through BuzzFeed during lecture. I mean, like, good for her, but if my parents were given conservatorship over me I definitely would not have gone back to college, not even for the tailgates.

Besides possessing weed (which is totally chill now), throwing a vase out of the window (which my mom has definitely done), and going on a Twitter rant (which was nothing compared to Donald Trump), her only crime was being a really shitty driver. Two DUIs, a hit and run, and driving on a suspended license aren’t exactly the next episode of Criminal Minds. Besides, she like totally paused.

Maybe Lauren Conrad can do an alum visit and give Mandy some tips on how to pull herself together. Well, that or some free Paper Crown merch.


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