Amanda Bynes Arrested For Throwing Bong Out Her Window: Mandy Watch 2013

Everybody's favorite trainwreck Mandy Bynes gave us all the best Memorial Day treat we could dream of: a real live arrest! Mandy was caught smoking in the lobby of her apartment, of all places, in the middle of Times Square. In addition to making the worst real estate choices we could ever imagine, why couldn't she just keep smoking in um, her ACTUAL apartment!? I mean, the doormen were probably just a little jeally that she was rolling and smoking a J in front of them in a public area without even offering them so much as a shotty hit. Oh but the fun didn't end there. Then Mandy decided to throw her bong out the window, you know, in hopes of no one realizing she smokes. God what we would give to be her neighbor, or like, fuck it I'd even pretend to be her cleaning lady for like 10 mins if it meant I could get a glimpse into the fortress of Mandy. This is what we imagine it's like. 

Update: Here's the official mugshot. The hair is a little Cyrus-esque, am I right? 


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