Amanda Bynes Claims She’s Ano, Has Yet to Confirm She’s Fucking Crazy: Real World Roundup

Amanda Bynes tweeted yesterday that she has an eating disorder. Sorry Mandy, but a true betch knows that calling yourself ano doesn't make you look skinny, it makes you look desperate. You have to wait for other people to call you ano, and then pretend you eat a lot of food by instagramming it while starving yourself to death. Fucking duh. Click here >>

A pair of roommates in Utah set up a fake tinder account and messaged 250 guys asking to meet up at a frozen yogurt shop as an experiment to see how many would show up to meet a girl with no mutual friends, shared interests, or previous messages. To the roommates surprise, over 75 guys showed up. We aren't at all surprised, as this just further proved what every betch already knows : bros don't care about your personality, and will fuck any relatively attractive girl. Get fucking used to it. A tinder message? That is an unequivocal sex invite. Click here >>

McDonalds has created its own “college” for managers called Hamburger University, and its classes can be counted for actual college credit. This is not a joke. What is their mascot? The fighting povo fatasses? Betches everywhere are already having nightmares, and I'm pretty sure just dreaming about Hamburger University is worth at least half your daily calories. But hey, maybe you can tell your friends it's a chic study abroad program in Germany. Click here >>

Teen Mom Farrah is shaping up to be the next celeb we need to start a watch for. The state of Nebraska installed a breathalyzer in her car so it won't turn on unless she blows a 0. Sorry Nebraska, but this isn't going to stop this #7 bat shit crazy betch from #130 driving like a fucking idiot. Seriously though Far needs a reality check. No amount of blackouts and pornos is going to make everyone forget about the huge fucking party foul she used to make her famous and then forced her mom to take care of. Click here >>


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