Amanda Bynes Actually Arrested For Adderall

So as already discussed Mandy Bynes was arrested this weekend for a DUI, but the jokes on LAPD because homegirl wasn't drunk or high – she was just on Adderall. She was driving recklessly but since when is driving like shit a criminal offense? So Amanda took a couple Adderall and decided she needed to be somewhere ASAP, don't pretend you haven't been there. I mean, who even knew there was a breathalyzer for Adderall?

Since the Addy was prescribed by her doctor, Amanda can only be tried for driving impaired and not a DUI. Lol Adderall prescription to the rescue as usual. Story of my life. This is the ultimate betchy arrest story, since there are no real consequences and at least she probably didn't get a chance to eat that day.




Source: TMZ


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