Aly Raisman Is A Gold Medalist And Still Gets Set Up On Blind Dates

Aly Raisman doesn’t have a ton of time to date because she’s been busy winning medals and being the captain of the USA gymnastics teams at two consecutive Olympics (ever heard of them?). So her friends, and fellow Olympians, Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson are helping her find a man. Why isn’t this a reality TV show? Olympians setting up other Olympians on dates with professional athletes would be a way better version of America’s Got Talent.

Shawn is setting Aly up with her husband’s co-worker Colton Underwood, who plays football for the Oakland Raiders. Other than his chin-strap beard, Colton is a regulation hottie. He also volunteers like he’s in charge of charity work at a sorority: he coaches youth football, helps gets dogs adopted, and visits sick kids. So homeboy is a catch.


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Aly and Colton haven’t even gone on a date yet, and I’m already developing a couple crush on them. 

In related news, if you still can’t get a date, you could try becoming an Olympic medalist.


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