Turns Out The Ice Bucket Challenge Wasn’t Totally Dumb

Tbt to the summer of 2014 when we voluntarily poured freezing cold water on ourselves instead of raising money for charity. Everyone took the opportunity for a socially acceptable wet T-shirt contest. But apparently a shit ton of people actually donated, too. The viral baptism we all know as the Ice Bucket Challence raised $115 million.

That money was used to fund six studies into what causes ALS, and one of them identified a new ALS gene. That means that doctors will be able to treat a specific type of ALS symptoms for 20,000 Americans suffering from the disease. That’s kind of a big deal, especially considering that 2 years ago it was just a social media challenge we all ridiculed mercilessly.

And yes, you should use the announcement as an excuse to re-post your Ice Bucket Challenge video. 

JK please don’t.


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