Allison Williams’ Wedding Gown Had Sleeves Because She’s Always Cold

Allison Williams aka Marnie from Girls pulled the ultimate white betch move: she requested sleeves for her custom Oscar De La Renta (fancy people want to work with her, okay?) wedding dress because she’s always cold. Literally same, except for the custom gown and the fame and the wedding.

She was inspired by Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, so like get in line Allison. But she couldn’t deal with a strapless dress, even for a summer wedding, because she’s always so #136 fucking cold. Did she also intern in marketing this summer and put her coat on once she got to the office?

Her husband isn’t that hot, but he has a great personality – like actually, he founded CollegeHumor. So congrats Allison, I guess somebody finally told her this is how the rest of your life should look, with sleeves. 


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