Crazy Lady Sues Over Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress Design—Five Fucking Years Later

Friday is Kate Middleton and Prince William’s fifth wedding anniversary, and if that doesn’t make you feel absolutely ancient, then you’ve probably already started getting Botox. Their wedding was the definition of goals: custom dress, Westminster Abbey, millions of guests—oh, and the British Royal Family (ever heard of them?). It was the day we were introduced to Pippa’s ass and realized that country club weddings weren’t shit compared how royalty does it.

Well, it turns out that Alexander McQueen, the fashion house that designed Kate’s “I agree, I think I’m really pretty” wedding dress, is getting sued for stealing the design. If you haven’t pinned the dress, it’s full length, with lace sleeves, a V-neck collar, and a pleated skirt. This woman Christine Kendall claims that she sent Kate designs of the dress and Sarah Burton—the designer from McQueen—used her ideas to create the dress. She’s suiting for violation of intellectual property rights by Alexander McQueen and Sarah Burton. But both Kate and Sarah’s lawyers say that they never saw Kendall’s drawings, which is the royal version of “I don’t know her.”

The whole thing seems a little ridiculous, since the wedding was five years ago and Kendall will likely pay more for her lawyer than she’d win in a settlement. Maybe she can design a new cardigan for Prince George to wear instead.


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