Alexander McQueen Is Facing a Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

Two black employees at one of Alexander McQueen’s New York stores filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against the company and its owner Kering stating that the company “engaged in systematic racism against Kering’s African-American employees.” The suit accuses the store of barring African-American employees from working on the sales floor and “relegating the few African Americans hired to menial positions behind the scenes.”

As you can probably guess, one racial discrimination suit is pretty fucking bad, but as it turns out this is not the first time McQueen’s stores have faced this kind of action. In 2013 a former security guard brought a similar complaint against a Manhattan McQueen store, and in that same year a ten year Latina employee of the Meatpacking District boutique filed charges against her boss for a “persistent barrage of offensive comments based on race and national origin.”

Which is funny bc the guy probably could have just like….not said anything about her race at all?

The current suit, filed by employees Christopher Policard and Duane Davis, reads like an after school special about racism that uses over the top examples to try and teach kids how spot shittiness and to not be shitty themselves. Sadly, the shittiness in this case may be all too real. According to Pollard and Davis during their time at McQueen they were:

“…being falsely accused of theft without evidence; being “invasively screened for theft in front of employees and customers, unlike non African American employees, who were subjected to screening either privately or in a less invasive manner; being “laughed at” for bringing up discrimination; being denied rights under employment practices and procedures; and performing heavy labor and “other menial, demeaning tasks that white employees are not asked to deal with.”

And that’s not all, betches! Apparently one of the defendants in this suit is none other than Catherine Flynn who was actually named in the 2013 suit from security guard Othman Ibela for asking him….and seriously brace yourselves here because it is bad….for asking him “why muslims are always killing people.”

Yikes Cathy. Save that shit for the Trump rally.

Representatives from Alexander McQueen told Fashionista that they “…take these allegations very seriously and are investigating.” So I guess we’ll all just have to sit back and see where this one goes. 


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