Get Alexa Chung’s New App Villoid, Because Fashion Week Never Ends

Alexa Chung’s app Villoid is almost as chic as the British model herself. Any fashionable betch knows Alexa Chung for the global style icon she is. Aside from having her own denim line, editing for British Vogue, and being one of the few people who can pull off bangs, Alexa Chung now has her own app.

On Villoid, you can create a profile and browse through fashion trends, saving all of your favorite creations. Like Instagram or Twitter, you can follow style influencers, like Alexa herself, and see what they like and create on their profiles. You can put up your own pics onto your mood board and comment on other people’s photos too. The best part—you can actually buy whatever you like on the app. So with the tap of your finger, you can show up to brunch wearing the same outfit Alexa Chung wore on a flight to Paris last weekend.

Magazines like Elle, InStyle, and Harper’s Bazaar are all over this app. Vogue included Villoid on the list of “apps you need to win fashion week” and it’s already been featured as the “best new app” by Apple.

With Villoid, you can stay updated on new clothes and accessories while stalking your fav designers and their looks. Get Villoid and stay trendy, betches.


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