Alexa Chung Hates Coachella As Much As You Do

As we all know, Coachella is an opportunity for celebrities to dress like slutty homeless hippies and for regular girls to spend their whole paycheck on a crochet body suit that only covers their nips.

That has been the norm and we all have just learned to accept it and to stop looking at Instagram this time of year.

However, one celeb has had enough. Alexa Chung just threw major shade at Coachella and all the crochet-wearing festivalgoers in a recent interview with Women’s Wear Daily

She said, “I just don’t like people to be dictated to. I think you should dress however you want. Again, it’s another opportunity for what seems quite cliquey to be ‘this is how you should be.’ And everyone gets on the bandwagon. I think it just homogenizes something that should be about self-expression and being yourself.”

So basically Alexa Chung just couldn’t deal with telling Kylie Jenner that she liked her do-rag while faking interest in some non-descript, almost-EDM group play.

Woohoo so proud of you Alexa! #OverIt


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